Art at Liquid Assets

Like great food and wine, art is a pleasure of the senses. Often these things are considered to be luxury items; at Liquid Assets we feel that they should be enjoyed by all and not reserved for the few.

Ashland has built a strong center of artists and galleries and Liquid Assets is proud to belong to this community. At Liquid Asssets we match the finest quality contemporary and traditional fine art, paintings, wall sculptures, fine art photography and other types of visual art; in a gallery featuring professionally hung juried works, we follows museum standards and guidelines. If you're at all interested in collecting art or just viewing art, while visiting Ashland, Liquid Assets must be one of your stops.

Stop in to enjoy the art as you are perusing town or join us for one of our many art events. 

Be sure not to miss Ashland's First Friday Art Walk; the first Friday of every month from 5 to 8 pm, all year around. You can learn more about the Art Walk here.

Interested exhibitors please click here to contact us.

Currently Featured

These are our currently hanging art collections. You may enjoy them online, but of course to truly appreciate these pieces they need to be seen in person — with a glass of wine in your hand!

"PhotoJoseph" Linaschke

Joseph is a commercial, portrait and fine art photographer based in Ashland, OR. More of his work can be seen at


Dan Elster

Dan Elster is a wildlife photographer based in Ashland, OR. More of his work can be seen at


Shanna Trumbly

Shanna Trumbly was born into a family of highly creative individuals who always encouraged her passion for art. Three generations of Oregonian creativity produced a child determined to offer her unique vision of both the natural and imagined world.  Shanna’s art has been birthed through many different mediums such as clay sculpture, glass torch work, mosaics, leather sculpture, and, recently, a clothing line.

While Shanna began giving life to her illustrations using colored pencil, she realized upon completion of her first painting, "The Unforgettable Kiss" her true love was the fluidity and challenge of acrylic paint on canvas. Her remarkable series "Daydream" explores the playfulness of wakeful dreaming and how the search for meaning in our lightly conscious world can reveal a new and vivid Self. She incorporates myth, the liquidity of the unconscious mind, and a profound and whimsical respect for the inhabitants of the natural world within each gorgeously wrought image.

More of Shanna's art can be seen at